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Week 10 Power Rankings....

Posted on: November 10, 2009 12:56 pm
Edited on: November 10, 2009 1:00 pm
1 - Indianapolis Colts - The division is all but wrapped up. Now time to focus on obtaining home field advantage. Patriots are up next.

2 -
New Orleans Saints - Showed a lot of poise against the Panthers. The schedule is pretty week from here on out.

3 -
New England Patriots - With the passing game looking to be back on track the Patriots are no longer under the radar. The Colts are up next.

4 -
Minnesota Vikings - Let's see what a week of rest improved on this team. 3 game lead in the division has this team looking in great position.

5 -
Dallas Cowboys - HUGE win in Philadelphia. The Cowboys are in first in the NFC East. Can they keep it going?

6 -
Cincinnati Bengals - Another impressive win against the Ravens. The Bengals control the division. Can they all but seal it against Pitt?

7 -
Pittsburgh Steelers - After a sulggish start the Steelers have won 5 in row. Can they make it 6 and take back the division?

8 -
Denver Broncos 2 losses in a row have this team back to reality. They need to regroup because the schedule is still tough.

9 -
Philadelphia Eagles - The running game looked good, but the passing game was off against Dallas. Going to San Diego will not be any easier.

10 - Atlanta Falcons - 6-2 would be winning most division, just not theirs. Another big division game against Carolina up next.

11 -
Baltimore Ravens - The offense just did not move the ball, and the defense did not look great. Cleveland should be a good regroup game.

12 - New York Giants - Time for regrouping. Heading into the bye losing 4 in row is probably not a good sign. Will they get back on track?

13 -
Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals won another road game. Let's see if they will show the home town fans they can win this weekend.

14 - New York Jets - A week off to prepare for this week's game against Jacksonville. They need a win to keep the Patriots in reach.

15 - San Diego Chargers - 3 wins in a row, and cruising. Rivers is proving he is clutch. The Chargers are now only a game back from Denver.

16 - Houston Texans - Tough loss to the Colts. Maybe the bye week will provide this team with a running back that can hold onto the ball.

17 - Green Bay Packers - 28 points against Tampa Bay would win more times than not, but not when your defense and special teams play terrible.

18 - Chicago Bears - This team has been outscored 113 - 75 since their bye. The offense and defense need to pick it up.17at San Francisco

19 - Miami Dolphins - Again they played the Patriot well. The lack of a passing attack will catchup with the Dolphins, if it hasn't already.

20 - San Francisco 49ers - Still going the wrong direction. This team has lost 4 in a row and their last win was against the Rams.

21 - Jacksonville Jaguars - If this team can play consistent football the rest of the season the schedule is very favorable. 

22 -
Seattle Seahawks - Funny that if the Seagulls somehow manage to beat the Cardinals this weekend they are only a game behind.

23 -
Carolina Panthers - Looks like the running game is really clicking. I still can't believe Delhomme is still the QB though. He's terrible.

24 -
Buffalo Bills - A week of prep for the Titans will hopefully allowed this team to be ready. Edwards says he's ready, but is he the answer?

25 -
Tennessee Titans - 2 wins in a row, and Chris Johnson has been a monster. Nothing spectacular out of Vince, but they are winning.

26 -
Washington Redskins - People keep harping on the defense…Last I checked they are 6th in total defense. The offense is the problem.

27 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Welcome to the NFL Josh Freeman. Sky's the limit, or could be if you get traded.

28 - Kansas City Chiefs - Good thing they got Matt Cassel. This team needs to start over they are just not good at anything.

29 - Oakland Raiders - Will a bye week help? Only if during the bye this organization got new owners and a new coach. Neither happened.

30 - Detroit Lions - 26th on defense, and 25th on offense. That is not a good combination. They do compete every week , which is good.

31 - Cleveland Browns - Why are they not playing Quinn? The season is lost, let the future of your franchise develop.

32 - St. Louis Rams - Coming off a bye week, and guess what? YOU GET NEW ORLEANS…Welcome back.

Another week in the books!
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