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Managing options

Posted on: August 27, 2010 11:52 pm
As the Cubs continue to flush their season down the toilet we can start to look towards the future. I realize i have been talking about the future all year but guess what, thats really the only thing i have to be excited about so cut me a break (please). The main issue i wanted to talk about today was the managing opening for next year. Right now it is the most sought after job in baseball, who wouldnt want to try and be the guy that brings us Cubs fans our first World Series in 102 years. Well actually probably a lot of people but still it is a very coveted job. Their are a multitude of qualified canidates and i just wanted to take a look at them so that you as fans could make up your own mind on who you think is the best. The obvious fan favorite is probably the place to start Ryan Sandberg is probably the most beloved Cubs player right along with Ernie Banks and Ron Santo. He was a hall of fame second baseman who has succeeded at every minor league level he has managed at. Starting with Peoria Low-A, to Tennessee AA and now Iowa AAA. He has a personality that is known well and loved in Chicago and he already knows many of the players on this roster as he has already coached them and will know the many more that will come up. But he does lack expierence and i would hate to see him fail. It would be almost worse if they hire him and he fails horribly (although i believe he will succeed if hired.). The next best known option is current Yankees manager Joe Girardi, a former Cubs catcher and a well respected manager. He was considered several years ago when Lou was hired but i think they went with expirence over who was actualy the best fit. Girardi already has a ring and has proved he is a good manager, i think he would excell in chicago. But i have to question wether he really would want to come to Chicago. He has a great gig in New York were your basicaly guaranteed to be in the playoffs. If I was him i would stay but if you want a real challenge there isnt a bigger one than the Cubs. Mike Quade is currently managing the Cubs on an interim basis. I dont think you can really read into any of the numbers the team puts up now. Even if they have a winning record because he didnt really mold any of these players and i hate it when teams hire the interim managers for what they did as the interim. But he does have expierence as both a minor league manager and first and third base coach. His knowledge of the game cant be questioned but im not sure he has a big enough personality for the role. Pat Listach is another option and similarly to Mike Quade he is a proven minor league coach who coached for the Cubs affiliates and also is the current Nationals 3rd baseman. But again i dont think he or Quade are the high profile signging the cubs are looking for. Bob Brenly, the current color commentator for Cubs baseball has also become a canidate. I have to say i do like Bob Brenly and he guided that 2001 D-Backs team to a World Series title. He has expirence, he knows the Cubs, he knows their system and his son plays for the High-A Daytona Cubs. He actually would be an solid choice and he is well known. Eric Wedge, the former Indians manager is also a major canidate as he was recently approached by the Cubs. He has obvious interest and has had success as a major league manager. His MLB record stands at 561-573 with one playoff appearance. Wedge has the expierence, he is well known but im not sure he would excite the fans. There are many other names that have been mentioned such as Bobby Valentine and Fredi Gonzalez but i consider these to be the major canidates for the job. As a die hard cubs fan i have to say i would love to see Sandberg as the manager as well as Girardi. The dream coaching set up would be Sandberg as manager, Greg Maddux as pitching coach and keep Rudy Jaramillo as hitting coach. But Greg still isnt sure what he wants to do in the Cubs organization and Sandberg is not a for sure. But i think the Cubs need to make a hire that will re-energize the fan base. While the Cubs may still be selling tickets the interest is begining to fade after 2 dissappointing years and bringing in someone like Sandberg would bring excitment. And i know he could fail but everyone will still love Ryno and it just seems like its the best choice.
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