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Moment of Silence for College Football

Posted on: December 4, 2011 11:56 pm
It is over. Finally over. Like your best pal with four legs struggling with hip arthritis, getting meaner and meaner every day, a lovable dog that is something you never wanted to see, Division I-A college football is over and dead. You kept holding on like the great owner you were, she'll get better, it is only a temporary problem. Yet, every day went by and she got worse and worse. You could have ended the misery with a friendly needle, but you kept holding on and you suffered even more than she did because you are now filled with guilt. That is the BCS system.
We were trained to believe a computer system will fix the wrongs that have happened before yet the Auburn Tigers, Utah Utes, Boise St Broncos, and Texas Christian Horned Frogs had to suffer the same fate as previous pre-BCS teams have suffered, never playing in the big game. The BCS has fixed nothing. The BCS can best be compared to a figure skating contest. It judges teams in the same manner and defeats teams in the same manner with a biased and idiotic point system. It's a damn shame that every other level of college football, other levels with better education, have playoff systems. Now college fans are subjected to a rerun between two teams that have over hyped defenses with terrible QBs battling for a "championship" after playing the worst game in college football this year. There is a solution to this travesty.

I don't have anything wrong with fans supporting their teams to include the LSU and Alabama fans. Support your college football teams. However, fans of college football, and fans that are not affiliated with LSU and Alabama, should NOT watch the BCS "championship" game. I am calling for a national boycott! Hit these BCS clowns where it hurts, in their pockets. Plan an event with your family and make sure your TV is not tuned into the main game. Lets make this game what it should be, the worst rated game in modern history.  
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Posted on: December 6, 2011 5:20 pm

Moment of Silence for College Football

Good post DrFootball! It is a pure travisty the Oklahoma State Cowboys aren't playing LSU for a chance to be national champs.  What if LSU and Bama play another 9-6 game or worse...and OSU blows out Stanford...could OSU be crowned champs?  LOL

I've heard a million times OSU was beaten by Iowa State...well who says ISU isn't a good team...just like all the SEC people say their conf is so tough....well I'm a Big 12 fan and I say my conf is tough to go undefeated too.  Just because ISU is "poll friendly" like SEC teams.  The SEC always looks so good because of the biased writers and coaches every's a funny one...Nick Saban voted his Alabama Tide #2 and OSU #4....OSU coach didn't even have a vote!  How fair is that in the coaches poll!?!?!

Blow it all up....or just have everyone in the NCAA join the SEC so every college football team can benfit from the SEC biases out there!  I can't even believe I'm defending OSU...I'm a longhorn fan for pete's sake!  LOL

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 12:13 am

Moment of Silence for College Football

I like this thread, an apology to college football.
I coukdn't agree more. I'm done. I tried and tried to believe things would be different, but the bCS is just the same as college football was before the BCS. A joke. Why not just let the players sing a song like on American Idol and the X Factor? The BCS system is just the same, but at least those judges put their face in their opinions. None of us know how the BCS system calculates its ratings. For all we know, the system has changed every week to favor certain teams, especially SEC teams. I am very concerned with the biased system and it should either expose its own calculations or fold. Well, folding is already the only option. If there is a BCS system next year, you lost me as a fan. My dog hates me now because of football, she will love me next year when we spend all Saturdays out in the fields.

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