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Goodbye Coach Meyer

Posted on: December 10, 2010 7:09 am
LET me tell you something everyone, Urban Meyer is one of the greatest college football coaches ever. All you have to do is look at his record. He has been a winner at every college he has coached at. At the University of Florida he was the best coach they have ever had. People talk about Steve Spurrier and how great he is. Let's talk about Urban Meyer and how great he is. Two National Championships at UF, Three Total one before he came to UF. He had the most dominating team in the country for  4 years. Yes this year was not one of them to be sure. How can you be as passionate on the side lines as Meyer was usually is thinking about a bad heart and, if you can;t stay calm a person with his condition could drop on the side line and be dead before you could reach a hospital. I noticed this year that he was not doing his usual pacing up and down the field, not giving his players hell like usual. A lot of other things come to mind as well,but if i got into it all this would be an article instead of a thread. His success at UF in such a short time is phenomenal and, will probably never be matched by any coach. After the Gators last loss i told my wife that at the end of the season Urban Meyer would retire, i could just see he could not be his self because of health problems. I was right and, if anyone thinks Meyer will wait a year and get another coaching job, well i wouldn't hold my breath. Meyer loved being and coaching at Florida, his great career is sadly over. He will stay retired and, will not be seeking employment else where. When it comes to the point because of health problems that you can't be passionate and, well light a fire under your players ass' then just coaching at another school would be the same result that Florida had this year, It is just not a decision that a great thinking person like Urban Meyer would make. His family and his health is more important than coaching football. Like i said before his career as a coach is sadly over.  May GOD bless coach Meyer with a long and happy life. It will be very hard for him to adjust to not being on the field coaching, i feel for him with all my heart as everyone else should do as well. Goodbye coach Meyer and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS.

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