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Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

Posted on: March 2, 2012 2:58 pm

Temple has given the Big East a verbal agreement it will join the league in 2012, but an official announcement can not be made until the Owls finalize their settlement to leave the Mid-American Conference, sources told

The Big East wants to make the announcement that Temple is joining by Monday so it won’t conflict with the Big East men’s basketball tournament, which starts Tuesday in New York. Whether it will happen that quickly depends on the Owls’ negotiations with the MAC.

The MAC’s exit fee is $2.5 million for schools that provide two years notice. However, there is no specific penalty for a school leaving with less than two years notice, a source told 

Temple was a Big East football-only member from 1991-2004 and the plan was for Temple to join the Big East in all sports in 2012. The Owls' football program competes in the MAC and their Olympic sports are in the Atlantic 10 Conference. To leave the Atlantic 10 with less than a year’s notice costs $2 million, a source said, while it’s $1 million if more than a year’s notice is given.

Because of the difference in exit fees Temple would pay the A-10, there remains a possibility Temple could join the Big East in football this fall, but its Olympic sports wouldn’t join the Big East until 2013. 

MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher and Big East commissioner John Marinatto declined comment.

The reason the Big East needs Temple in its football league this fall is to replace West Virginia, which left for the Big 12, on the conference schedule. Without West Virginia, the Big East would have only seven league members and six conference games. With Temple, it will have eight schools and seven league games. 

On Friday, Syracuse released its complete five-game non-conference schedule. The Big East has told league schools that they will play seven conference games, meaning an additional member would be added for this fall.

“The Big East has to assist us with that (seventh) conference game, whatever that is,” Syracuse said deputy athletic director Herman Frazier told the Syracuse Post-Standard. 

Frazier told the Post-Standard he expects the Big East to make an announcement in the next seven to 10 days.

However, it will happen much quicker if the Owls can hammer out a settlement with the MAC.

Temple’s Board of Trustees met on Wednesday to discuss the Owls’ “contracts,”  the Temple News reported.


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Posted on: March 6, 2012 4:15 pm

Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

I love the addition of Boise St. and all but I would have added Southern Miss and ECU way before Temple and Memphis . It was a huge mistake that memphis was added and now maybe Temple ? The main reason Temp and Memphis was/will be added was becauase  of  BASKETBALL not locality . Neither football team has a media pull . Shoot they can hardly put butts in seats at their respective stadiums . The Beast is probasketball and that is why ECU and southern Miss even though they should have been the obvious  can't miss football choices will not be added . It will not be long 'till the beast breaks apart : footbll schools from purely basketball ,or disolves completly. A house divided against itself can not stand !

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Posted on: March 6, 2012 3:23 am

Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

It is frustrating that things are the way they are.  College football is a business and anyone who says otherwise is blind or ignorant.  That said, I can't fault schools for going with the options that make more money when you consider the millions at stake.  I agree with what you have said DC Pirate, with the exception of the last comments about Boise State and SDSU.  I can't speak entirely from a SDSU perspective although some of my points will be there for both schools but I can definitely speak from a BSU perspective and state that for sure, Boise State and SDSU will be playing in the Big East in 2013 for the following reasons:

1) Boise State has no love or loyalty to the Mountain West or any future incarnation of the conference.  Boise State jumped at the chance of going to the Mountain West (after being turned down for the last couple of years) in the hopes of forming a new BCS Conference, only to find out that Utah was on it's way out, then to be followed quickly by BYU and ultimately TCU.

2) To add insult to injury and to anger the school and fans, the Mountain West told Boise State that it's blue on blue uniform combo was not allowed (even Coach Petersen admitted that if he had known about this before going, that he would've been opposed to the move).  No other school has this kind of stipulation (Oregon and Michigan State are not banned from wearing green on green).  This was NOT well recieved by fans

3) The Mountain West's media deal is decent for a non-AQ at $1.9 million max but their media exposure is by far the worst.  Boise State got used to having it's name blasted all over ESPN and other sports networks and this year outside of the select few ESPN games they dropped off the face of the earth.  CBS Sports, Versus and the Mtn especially are among the worst for coverage and exposure (sorry, but it's true).  Both Boise State and SDSU cited this issue in their move.

4) While the media deal can definitely change with the merger, there is a problem, the guy who engineered the farce of a media deal in the Mountain West is likely to be the head honcho of the new conference.  Yup, Craig Thompson will be calling the shots and trying to engineer the media deal for the new conference.  Among the avenue's being explored is a deal with NBC/Comcast (sound familiar MWC fans?)

5) Beyond 2013 I can't say for sure, but I promise you that both Boise State and SDSU will be playing in the Big East.  Why?  Simple, the $10 million buyout.  Neither school can afford to throw away that kind of money just to back out.  After 2013, the stipulation where they can get out for $1 mil if the Big East loses AQ could come into play.  That said I just don't see it.

6) ECU's AD has already stated that they are looking to expand the alliance way beyond 16 with talks of going all the way to 32 members.  The additional 16 would likely come from the WAC, Sunbelt, MAC and possibly a few FCS teams.  Nothing wrong with that and I think it will be good for the remaining members, but can you imagine what revenue sharing will be like for bowls?  This is to say nothing of the kind of media deal that they would need to generate in order to get any kind of real revenue for each team.  Even a $1 billion 10 year media deal would net each member just over $3 mil.  Not a bad deal for the teams involved considering what they currently get, but I'm not sold that it will generate more than a weakened Big East.

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Posted on: March 5, 2012 10:27 pm

Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC


Where I have had issues with the expansion is that what used to be required for advancement a winning record, tradition, attendence,  fans that travel, state of the art facilities, has been thrown out in favor of market size? Really? I have asked the question why has the Big East not added Columbia they are in the heart of NYC thats a large market.

I think the game has changed for a third time in the middle of the BEs plans. Originally they wanted a strong team to hold onto the AQ so they added TCU. TCU leaves so they go after Boise. Rumors start about the elimination of the AQ so the league goes after teams in large markets in hopes of landing a huge football TV contract. With the latest additions who cares about football we remain a basketball league so you add Memphis one of the worst football programs in the Nation and Temple who was kicked to the curb not that long ago.  

As the elimination of the AQ seems to be the way things are going and the tough time Boise is having finding a home for their other sports teams I would not be the least surprised to see them pull out and remain in the new MWC. I could see SDSU doing the same.

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Posted on: March 5, 2012 5:11 pm

Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

Temple belongs in the Big East before anyone. They were booted out of the Big East by the conference. Who cared if they were the worst in the conference? Like Vandy and Northwestern have been perrenial powerhouses? All conferences needed a blowout to get rankings. Now the Big East teams are all about Temple's speed, except for Boise, AAball. Who's kidding who? The Big East is a basketball conference. 

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Posted on: March 5, 2012 4:36 pm

Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

I won't argue with what you posted dcpirate.  I was pointing out that Buford's comments based on the Big East's "error" of adding Boise State.  The point I was trying to make was that in the grand scheme of things the Big East had no choice but to add Boise State and he was claiming that based on football performance that adding Southern Miss and ECU were better choices.  Now if he had stated that in terms of performance on the field that they should've added ECU, Southern Miss AND Boise that would've been one thing (I would agree completely with that statement) but saying the Big East should've left Boise behind and added those two instead is what I didn't agree with. 

As for Memphis, while I was initially upset with the addition of Memphis, after looking at the terms of the agreement with the Big East, Memphis did bring quite a bit to the table.  Outside of helping to take some of the sting out of the basketball losses to the Big East, Memphis pledged a more permanent Big East tie to the Liberty Bowl, the CEO of Fed Ex is a Memphis alum and staunch supporter of his alma matter.  He has pledged financial sponsorship for the Big East with the addition of Memphis to the conference.  Add in the potential size of the Memphis market (yeah I know in terms of football they need to make drastic improvements to make that argument stick) and from a business standpoint and hoops standpoint, Memphis was a smart addition for the Big East.  So yes at face value adding a stinker of a football team was not a smart addition, but if Memphis can get things turned around they have the potential to become a very valuable addition to the conference.  If they continue to be a garbage team then the Big East still gets a good hoops team and some good financial benefits from the move.  It's sad but true.  College football would look very different today if money were no object and all that mattered was a team's performance on the field.  

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Posted on: March 5, 2012 4:11 pm

Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC


Like to hear your opinions but some just dont seem to add up to me. Has Boise State done better than say ECU, Temple, or Souther Miss? Lets see over the past 10 years Boise has done better than Texas, Ohio State, USC, Alabama, and LSU. Over the past 10 years Boise has had the best record in all of college football. Nobody questions Boise about being selected, they did something unusual they actually earned it on the field of play.

You are correct that Southern Miss and ECU have not been to a BCS game mainly because they lacked an AQ bid. UConn went to a BCS game with an 8-4 record did they deserve that? Of the new Big East invites has UCF, Temple, Houston, SD State, SMU ever been? how about USF or Rutgers. I think not. Southern Miss has not had a loosing season in 18 years and has been to a bowl game in 10 straight years a record that only 11 other programs can make one being WVU who is leaving.

ECU is 9-2 vs UCF, 12-5 vs Cincy, 14-6 vs Memphis, and 7-4 vs Temple. The Pirates lost their last game of the season in overtime snapping thier consecutive bowl streak at 5 games a claim that only 23 other D1 schools can make and only 1 program in the Big East could claim. While Southern Miss  or ECU cant claim an 11 or 12 win season not many can either. If you want to suggest the Big East expanded based market size alone so be it. To claim they added the best teams available in terms of record, following, or what they bring to the table for football expansion is a complete joke and lacks the facts at hand. I just dont think a 5-32 Memphis team helps the AQ question.

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Posted on: March 5, 2012 2:25 pm

Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

"I know some of you will say BOISE STATE is the future of the BIG EAST football.  IF Boise State was all that great, they would already been invited to a BCS league.  ALSO, most BCS leagues do not like the idea that one of their teams would have to play on a blue carpet, while all the others play on a green field.  That's the word, like it or not."

Okay that is just plain dumb. The bottom line is that almost all BCS Conferences (barring the Big East) care more about bringing in big research budgets, large media markets, AAU status and revenue.  You telling me that the PAC 12 shunned Boise State and brought aboard Colorado for it's stellar football record as of the last 10 years or so?   The point is they were brought on board for everything BUT their performance on the field.  If Boise State had $400 mil or larger research budget, AAU status and Boise had a metro population of 2-3 million then even if they were a team with an overall losing record they would've been picked up by a major BCS conference several years ago.  As for being that great you cite Southern Miss and ECU, I like both of those teams but come on, can you tell me the last time Southern Miss and ECU have been to a BCS Bowl game?  That's right, they have never been.  Keep in mind that the last couple of years ECU has been lucky to break even (and this year produced a losing season) and that even though Southern Miss won C-USA they had two losses.  One to Marshall and one to a 4-8 UAB team.  From a consistency standpoint Boise State has done better.   

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Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

GoldRusher...........You are right on the target about the last ACC expansion invites were about TV & Media markets.  WVU has fine athletics overall and having a "blue collar" mentality had nothing to do about WVU not being invited to the ACC.  In fact, I'll take a hard nosed blue collar effort anyday to get the job done !!  Thanks for you imput.

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Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

The non invite to WVU from the ACC was about tv market tv money period, anyone that believes otherwise is being foolish,thats what all this has been about from the start that's why A&M and Mizzu( St. Louis, Houston)are in the SEC now and so on. Agree WVU was very lucky that the B12 needed a quality program first and you are right Buford we should and are grateful to be in the B12, but for anyone to say that ANY of these moves have been about academics is laughable.

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Temple to Big East after it settles with MAC

Buford, I don't know the specifics of why certain schools were or weren't invited to the ACC - but I still don't buy that it was due to academics as WVU has several very strong programs and likely would improve its academics in the ACC.  So it is just speculation on my part and a little tongue-in-cheek to say the NC schools were opposed to inviting a school with a blue collar culture. Innocent

On the Temple to BE/WVU to B12 analogy - I don't think that's accurate.  The most obvious difference is that WVU was never a B12 member and hasn't been kicked out of a conference due to their lack of attendance and poor performance.  The B12's TV contract requires they have 10 teams, so if WVU hadn't joined, the B12 teams would have lost out on a considerable amount of revenue.  The BE TV contract/AQ status isn't/wouldn't have been in jeopardy with 7 schools & the schools have been aware of WVU's departure since October, so if their ADs couldn't come up with another OOC game that's their fault.  Albeit it is reasonable for them to expect the BE to replace at least one of the lost games (TCU/WVU) rather than being forced to do it on their own...but to me the situation is still very different.  

While it probably sounds like I hope the conference falls apart and the teams are screwed, that's not entirely the case.  I liken the BE football schools' relationship to the rest the conference to one of those extremely unhealthy relationships where you're constantly fighting, your significant other is always bringing you down, they are doing little spiteful things, and basically just making your life miserable but for whatever reason feel you can't leave them.  But the day you do, you're so much better off for it! 

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