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Injuries, Injuries, and even MORE Injuries!

Posted on: March 15, 2008 1:27 pm

The Penguins have experiecned a lot of injuries this season. Ankle sprains seem to be a team favorite. I just don't understand why, and I haven't a team go through so many injuries ever in hockey! It started with Maxime Talbot getting a high ankle sprain, then Marc-Andre Fleury followed. Then, the Penguins leadership took a huge hit with Gary Roberts breaking his leg and Mark Eaton tearing his ACL. The injuries just keep flying in all year and then one January night the worst of them all happened that was Sidney Crosby going down with guess what a high ankle sprain. The trade deadline comes and the Penguins acquire Marian Hossa and seemed great and then 14 shifts into his Penguin career, he sprains his knee. Finally the injury bug seemed to be going away with Fleury and Crosby coming back, but think again. Talbot hurts his ankle again and Sid feels soreness in his ankle which is going to force him to miss a week. With Marian Hossa rumored to come back on Sunday against Flyers, makes me bring up this question. Will these two ever skate in the same game together before the playoffs?


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