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A day off.. Yeah right....

Posted on: September 15, 2010 2:27 am

So I am the bar and all I hear is about Bush deciding to give up his lil trophy. That was mighty nice of you since you were never eligible to play. I do not say that Vince should get it at all. Lets just keep it vacated for that year.

Yankees finally beat the Rays in extra innings by a solo shot from Posada and a throw from the right fielder to 3rd base to get the base runner out at third out. That was awesome. I kinda wish I would have yelled while the bar was still kicking.

Do tennis players really roll on the ground after they have won time after time? How many times do we see football and baseball players get accused of "showing up" the other team after a TD or Homer? Act like you have done it before.

I am all about a good celebration and TO and Ocho are the best at it, but come on, rolling on the ground and crying. Give me a break. No wonder a lot of cats have no respect for tennis players. Oh wait, I do the same when I hit 76 on my bowling team. Then we do shots and make out with our super hot barmaids.

As a side note, I am ready for a day off of sports. Oh wait it is Wednesday so that means trades, roster moves and fantasy picks.
Last Call

Still can not believe that Bobby B. picked his Noles to win on Saturday.

Still can not believe that I hear Vol fans say that losing to the Ducks was a fluke.

I am really still amazed that James (Dolly) Madison beat Va Tech.

Jets and Giants in the same Stadium again? It looks good.

I won in both of my H2H fantasy leagues.

Rivers and Rain was too much on Monday night.

I never enjoyed a 10 -9 game like I did Monday night.

I never want to meet Ray Lewis in an opposing teams jersey. I do have his jersey when he played for The U.

Rex and his Pops are great, always keep talking. And they say I have a potty mouth?!?!?!

That is it for now,

Have a great Hump Day and remember, if it wasn't for sports we would have to deal w/ the real world.

QOTB - "Enjoy riding the waves because soon they will be gone"
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