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Johnson: Greatest lefty ever.

Posted on: October 2, 2008 4:07 pm
Edited on: October 2, 2008 4:11 pm
Randy Johnson.  The name brings a picture of the most elite left handed pitcher in the modern era of baseball.   You can argue all you want that he might not be, but in case you forgot, here are some stats on his career thus far:

- 64.8% winning percentage (295-160) with a career ERA of 3.26. 
- 4789 Strike outs (2nd all time and most likely will remain). 
- 1.167 WHIP
- 5 career CY Young winners
- 100 Complete games, 37 being Shut Outs
- 2001 World Series MVP
- Perfect game in 2004
 and many more...

If these numbers don't speak alone, perhaps his most recent stories can explain how determined and willing he still is to pitch even at age 44.  Recovering from 2 back surgeries in as many years, many doubted that Johnson could ever return this year pitching great.   He pitched great and even finished a season with only 1 missed start due to an injury unrelated to his back.   With the Diamondbacks this year, making a start to his season a few weeks late, Randy went 11-10, but of all those starts, in 4 of them, he got no more than 1 run of support.   Imagine, with some support, a 300 win mark could of easily been seen this year.   But instead we will have to wait.   Johnson through July and into August had a 6-0 stretch with a 0.91 ERA, he looked as vintage and classic as ever, almost to a point where you had to remind yourself he was 43-44 years old.   Simply amazing.  He still had the K's working, having 10K's in 2 games this year, and 7-9 in many many more games.   The speed many be slower, but the placement is still perfect.
The importance of all this is simple:  The Diamondbacks must bring Randy Johnson back for 1 more year.  Being only 4 wins away from the magical 300, not only is that club a prestigious one, but most likely no pitcher will ever reach the 300 mark again as many experts note. 

Johnson has the determination, but bringing him back 1 more year as a Diamondback is where I feel he wants to retire, win his 300th and most be remembered as.   Why not!  He has the most success with the Dbacks, with the Mariners being a long shot 2nd.  

I think the people of Phoenix want Johnson to get 300 with them, it just wouldn't seem right to anyone that knows and recognizes the accomplishments his man has done to the baseball history books.

In all, bring Johnson back.   Seeing him win 300 with any other team would be a disgrace to the fans leaving them with a sour idea of what the Diamondbacks management is.  If they know what is best for them, he will be back, the fans will be back, and a celebration will endure. 

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Posted on: October 3, 2008 11:41 pm

Johnson: Greatest lefty ever.

Totally agree, Joe.  Let's send him out on a winner in 2009 - the Arizona Diamonbacks.  Whatever it takes.  Large crowds will make his pay for them.

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Posted on: October 2, 2008 4:38 pm

Johnson: Greatest lefty ever.

Yes, the Diamondbacks need to bring him back and avoid the backlash like the last time a Dback icon was left unsigned, that being Luis Gonzalez. Randy should retire as a Dback and should be able to attain 300 with them as well.

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