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Posted on: December 5, 2008 11:20 am

Hypocrite Thy Name is University of Texas Fans?

A few days ago I posted here that the University of Texas, having unjustly benefitted from a corrupt system in 2004, had no right to complain when they were the victims of that same corrupt system this year.  No one actually addressed the point I made about the corrupt system, except to off the impressively irrelevant argument that the susequent bowl results 'proved' the rightness of the corruption in 2004.  Let's turn that 'logic' back on them:  if/when Texas loses their bowl game this, that must mean that Texas didn't deserve to be in the Big 12 title game this year.  Do they now see see the absurdity of their argument about Texas in 2004?  Or will they maintain the consistently illogical position that future results ratify past wrongs?  Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath waiting for either to happen.
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Posted on: December 2, 2008 11:29 am

Hypocrite Thy Name is University of Texas

An excellent definition of a hypocrite would be someone who keeps quiet and accepts the benefits when a corrupt system perpetrates an injustice in his favor, yet is the first and loudest to complain when that same corrupt system goes against him.  That's why I consider it poetic justice that the University of Texas has gotten the shaft so far in the BCS process.  Remember 2004:  Texas was 5th in the last few polls, behind California, before the final regular-season poll; then as now if you finished in the top 4 in the final regular-season poll and didn't get an automatic BCS bid you were guaranteed an at-large bid.  Texas did some heavy lobbying among its fellow Big 12 coaches and enough of them changed their votes in the final-regular-season poll so that Texas finished 4th and California 5th, even though neither had played a game that week.  And, of course, the few million dollars difference between a BCS bowl and the Holiday Bowl that those same Big 12 coaches would share in had nothing to do with their changing their votes.
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