Posted on: July 17, 2011 5:46 pm

USA loses to Japan happen on PURPOSE!

Its ALL politics!  When 9/11 happen The New England Patriots win the super bowl... When Hurricane Katrina hit who won???? that's right the saints did and it all was so good for them at that time with the tragic events...  Now Japan has massive earthquake's and is in bad shape and ... whats this??? oh my goodness they WIN the world cup... oh its such a good story... oh its so good for the country.... I'm not a sore loser cause I really could care less who wins. My point is that our sporting events are not what they used to be... In boxing a boxer will take a dive for the right price... in Baseball the players are all juiced up and no one wants to admit it same with football plus they are locked out over what ??? $$$ the all mighty dollar. who cares about the fans they only care about getting paid. same with basketball, the Heat may have lost but look what is happening to the sport all the best players are trying to get on one team and before you know it there will only be 3 or 4 real good team and every other team no one will even care to watch. There is no legit sports anymore... MMA got hit with the steroid bug too now and who knows fighters there might even take a dive for the right price or they do the "lay and pray" for a win. there is NO excitement in sports anymore 80% of the outcomes are pre-determined.  Remember this is just my opinion but there are a lot of clues that make my statements seem true....

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