Tag:NBA finals 2010
Posted on: June 18, 2010 12:52 am

Does anyone think Kobe deserves to act like Mike?

After tonight"s game 7 defensive catastrophe, including a terrible shooting night for Kobe, I ask two questions.
1. Did Kobe deserve finals MVP? Absolutely not Gasol was the best Laker by far over the playoffs in whole and of course in the Finals.

2.Does Kobe get to run around and do Jordan like celebrations? No Jordan would have stepped on the Celtics neck in game 7 and there would have never been a 13 point deficit. Oh and by chance if a Jordan led team would have been down by that deficit it would have been a historic 4th quarter by Mike taken the title out of the opponents hands.

As for Kobe's legacy it's stamped but there should never be the comparision of who was the better player or had the better teams. Remember Mike was tould to take a two year absence from the NBA were he lost 2 possibly 3 titles. Never forget the guy left the game for 2 years only to come back an 3 peat again with a whole new cast of characters. I'm not Kobe bashing i'm just being as real as I can and call a spade a spade. Kobe Bryant top 20 player of all time yes, Top 10 maybe. But never ever ever is he to be put in Mike's class.
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