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2013 january NFL draft

Aside from D Rogers I don't see many WR's in this draft with the potential to be #1's on our team. He may be avail in the 2nd, but I'm going with our big 3 needs aside from a #1WR with our first 3 picks. OT, OLB, SS.
Despite the lack of elite WR's in this draft we need atleast one along the way due to a couple of our guys becoming free agents.
As a way to find Sam another offensive weapon, I am leaning toward finding a playmaking TE in the 3rd-5th round that can atleast add a threat over the middle of the field, opening up the run game and freeing up our young core of WR's.
One concern going into the season is the lack of cap room. Quinten Mikell may be a casualty for that reason.
So assume we draft a safety in the early rounds then cut Mikell... either one of the young late round safetys from last year starts beside this years early rounder OR you know who is still a starting safety for us next year. For this reason I am opting to draft Elam over any other safety because he is the best of the strong safeties in this class. It'd probably be easier to plug one of last years rookies into the free safety spot.
SJ39's age is a concern. Eddie Lacey would be an excellent replacement. After that 3 guys I have my eye on are Mike Gllislee from Florida, Michael Dyer, formely of Auburn, and Spencer Ware from LSU as a late round or rookie free agent option.
Here's my draft for mid January.

1.16 OT Eric Fisher 6'8" 310 C-Michigan(really the only other reliable LT in the draft after Joeckel)
1.22 SS Matt Elam 5'10" 205 Florida
2.16 OLB Chase Thomas 6'4" 245 Stanford
3.16 G Travis Frederick 6'4" 338 Wisconsin
4.16 TE Joseph Fauria 6'7" 260 UCLA(led the nation in TD's for TE's in 2012)
5.16 WR Emory Blake 4.5 40 runner 6'2" 193 Auburn
6.16 DE Quenterius Smith 6'5" 250 Western Kentucky(One of the very few DE's that gave AJ McCarron fits. The kid tore his ACL late in his senior season. If not for that he would be a 1st-2nd round projection. Had surgery in December & prob will spend next season on the Physically unable to perform list. That sort of talent is worth the 6th round gamble and wait IMO.)
7.16 DT Chris Jones 6'1" 295 Bowling Green(On absolutley nobody's radar, but he led Div.1 DT's in sacks in 2012 with 12.5.)
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2013 draft noise

1st Round pick:
Trent Richardson is a rare talent. This is LaDainian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson talent.
Don't be confused, I'm not pulling for him to be our 6th pick. With SJ being 29 and really close to the wall, I wouldn't hate this pick. But it certainly isn't my preference.

Claiborne has Patrick Peterson talent? The hell he does. I won't argue that he isn't excellent and he wouldn't be a bad pick at 6 for us. But no way in hell do I compare him to Patrick Peterson who has elite coverage AND return abilities. Another that wouldn't bother me if we take him at 6.

I believe someone suggested that RB was Tampa Bay's biggest need. Are ya nuts? They overpaid and signed one of the most overrated FA CB's away from Detroit and I'd bet Detroit is thankful. Tampa's biggest need by far is CB. Claiborne has to be on top of their list. For that reason I highly doubt he's still around @6 for us to argue about.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows I'm fond of Justin Blackmon. I was hoping he came out a year sooner so we could take him mid 1st round last year.
the only knock on him is a DUI, not DWI I'll point out. The kid has huge hands, Good enough size, good speed and runs good routes. He's a playmaker and as far as I'm concerned the best WR in this draft. The problem is that Fisher and the front office seem to have zero love for Blackmon so I doubt he'll be drafted by us.
Michael Floyd got in a bar fight after someone called him a mean name. He cleaned it up his senior year and stayed clear of trouble, so like Blackmon I'm not overly concerned about either guys character. I think both made youthful mistakes.

here's how I see the 1st 5 picks going:

1. Indy - QB- Andrew Luck    
2. Washington - QB - Robert Griffen
3. Minnesota - -OT Matt Kalil
4. Cleveland - RB - Trent Richardson
5. Tampa Bay - CB - Maurice Claiborne

That leaves us with Blackmon @6 and being that I don't believe Fisher wants him we trade down.

For some reason, Scott Pioli seems stupid to me. I have a sneaking feeling that KC will want to move up.
I think they have bought into the Tannehill hype. The kid has no business being drafted in the 1st round, but it will happen.
KC also has a big need for DT. Dontari Poe and his monster combine performance will be appealing. IMO, he's another Albert Haynesworth in the making. Tons of talent but only shows up when it's convenient.

We trade the 6th plus our 6th round pick to KC for #11, 43 and their 5th round pick.  

Now we have:

1. 11
2. 33
3. 65
4. 96
5. 146
7. 209

With what we have, here are my projections:
1.11 WR Michael Floyd, ND     
We NEED a #1 WR so Sam has someone reliable to throw to. I kinda think that Stephen Hill has a bigger upside and more potential to be an absolute beast, but 11 is way to early for Hill. Kendal Wright is a slot receiver. He has inconsistent hands and has a high body fat index for a WR and 11 would be a round to early for him. Reuben Randle? An LSU WR? Hll freakin no. When was the last time one of them panned out at this level? He's a reach in the second round. Finally, Alshon Jeffrey? It's way to early for him. In the bowlgame he reminded me of Mike Williams. Add to that how many Spurrier WR's have gotten to the NFL level and have proved to be elite? NONE that I can think of. Plenty decent ones, but none worthy of the 11th pick.

2.33 WLB
Lavonte David,NU
There are 2 4-3 OLB's worthy of a 1st or second round pick. Those are
Zach Brown and Lavonte David. Zach Brown has the size, but he hasn't impressed me one bit in any of the post senior season workouts. If Lavonte had Brown's size he'd be a top 10 to 15 pick. Aside from CB, Tampa Bay's next biggest need is OLB and they know David would be a monster WLB in their system. David fits fisher's wide 9 4-3 just fine. He's my pick here, because we need OLB's and he is worthy of this pick. Yes, I know this pick will be scrutinized... until the season starts.

2.39 DT
Kendall Reyes, UCONN
Devon Still would be my second overall DT choice behind Fletcher Cox. Still was IMO the most consistent DT through last season. He stops the run and penetrates the pocket. Michael Brockers was awesome against Alabama but had a habit of disappearing at time during the season, I just don't care for his consistency. Dontari Poe had a monster combine but rarely showed that talent on the field, he's a Haynesworth to thanks. None of that really matters because I highly doubt any of them are still available this late.
Of the deep class of DT's left:
Jerel Worthy and Kendall Reyes stand out as potential starters for us and worthy of a second round pick. Either one works for me @39.

2.44 RT Bobbie Massie, Miss
I recently read an article that
Jason Smith is being given a clean slate, a fresh start by Fisher and thet he is our RT. I nearly threw up. 
Bobbie Massie is a 3 year startin SEC mauler,Bama recruited him and he shose Mississippi.  Don't confuse him as a potential left tackle because it will never happen. He has size, long arms, and a mean streak. He'd beat out Jason Smith on the first day of camp and never be noticed during games accept when he is pancaking a defender. 
3.65 CB Jermaine Johnson, Montana
Size, speed and ballskills to be the #2 CB behind
Cortland Finnegan(our #1 CB which some people seem to be forgetting)
4.96 RB
Robert Turbin, Utah St.
He's one of those sneaky maulers that gets found in the late rounds and ends up being a starter. He has
Arian Foster written all over him. Nobody talks about the kid, check him out for yourselves.

5.146 P
Bryan Anger, Cal
I do believe that Donnie Jones is no longer on the
Rams roster. If we're going to play smashmouth ballcontrol football we need a good punter and Anger is the best coming out of college.

7. 209 FB Cody Johnson, Tex
We need a quality FB for this offense. This kid has the size to get the job done blocking with the bonus of some short yardage ball skills. The kid had THIRTY FIVE TD's in college. He'd be a reliable short yardage goalline weapon.

With less than a week, that's my draft.     
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2011 NFL Draft

A collection of picks assembled by a collection of drunks. The order from 21-32 may be seriously off.
This was only for a bit of fun. Feel free to comment.
This draft is extremely rich in D-Linemen and hybrid 4-3DE's/3-4 OLB's

1. Carolina Panthers---DaQuinn Bowers---DE---Clemson---Stud
2. Denver Broncos---Nick Fairley---4-3DT or 3-4DE---Auburn---Another Stud
3. Buffalo---Jake Locker---QB---Washington---If he would of left a year earlier, he may of been taken with the 1st pick because of Bradford's injury history. Jake had a rough start to the season, but came on strong towards the end. His stats are deceiving primarily because he was surrounded by zero talent in Wash. The kid'll jump back up during the combine and his pro day.
4. Cincinnatti---Robert Quinn---DE---N. Carolina---Cincy loves to reach w/ their 1st rounders and also loves to draft guys that have bad reps every round. Quinn has monster potential.
5. Arizona---Patrick Peterson---CB---LSU---best player available+ this gives the Cards a great young CB tandem with Rodgers-Cromartie.
6. Cleveland---AJ Green---WR---Georgia--- No way Holmgren passes up on a big WR with this sort of talent.
7. San Francisco---Blaine Gabbert---QB---Misery Tigers---San Fran has 2 huge needs, a #1QB and a CB. One of two solved.
8. Tennessee--- Cam Newton---QB---Auburn---After drafting McNair and Young, this is obviously the sort of QB the Titans want. With only one year of starting experience in Div. 1, it should be interesting to see how/if he develops.
9. Dallas---Derrek Sherrod---OT---Miss St.----Dallas has 2 obvious needs, a starting caliber OT and a real QB. Sherrod answers one need.
10. Washington---Julio Jones---WR---Alabama---No talent in that WR core last year, this changes things.
11. Houston---Prince Amakamura---CB---Nebraska---One of the worst secondaries in the NFL last year.
12. Minnesota---Adrian Clayburn---DE---Iowa---bookend pressure DE's gets that defense back to where it was in 09'
13. Detroit---Nate Solder---OT---Colorado---Passing up on Michael Oher for a TE still blows my mind. Maybe you can keep your franchise QB healthy for more than half a season if you actually protect him?
14. St. Louis---Akeem Ayers---WLB---UCLA---this cures one of the many Ram needs.
15. Miami---Von Miller---3-4OLB---Texas A&M---Miami has no depth anywhere. This actually provides some talent and depth in a thin 3-4 linebacking core.
16. Jacksonville---Cameron Jordan---DE---Cal---Oddly gives Jax 2 Cal 1st round d-linemen in back to back years.
17. New England from Oakland---Marcell Dareus---3-4DE---Alabama---This is a big boost to an overachieving front 7.
18. San Diego---Cameron Heyward---DE---Ohio State
19. New York Giants---Anthony Costanzo---OT---BC
20. Tampa Bay---Brandon Harris---CB---Miami---All the sudden TB is getting real good again.
21. New Orleans---Mark Ingram---RB---Alabama---This team needs a reliable inside runner. Reggie Bush showed what he was in the playoff loss, an overpaid/glorified 3rd down back that can't carry the full load of a real pro RB. Ingram fixes that problem.
22. Indianapolis---Jon Baldwin---WR---Pitt---Been awhile since Indy drafted a quality WR.
23. Philadelphia---Tyron Smith---OT---USC---The Eagles not only had a horrible defense last year, but also a horrible offensive line. Even though I'm not a fan of Michael Vick, w/o him Phili would of finished below .500.
24.Kansas City---Justin Houston---3-4OLB---Georgia---Underclassman
Beast of a pass rusher. With Hali on one side and Houston on the other, KC may lead the league in QB sacks/hurries.
25. Seattle---Jerrel Jernigan---WR---Troy---Small  receiver with sub 4.3 speed and great hands. A pretty good compliment to Mike Williams.(All the other drunks thought this was a reach except myself and the Sporting News War Room.)
26. Baltimore---Stephen Paea---4-3DT or 3-4DE---Oregon State---Haloti Ngata,Terrence Cody, and Stephen Paea would make one of the best 3-4 fronts in the league.
27. Atlanta---Ryan Kerrigan---DE---Purdue
28. New England----Mike Pouncey---C/G---Florida---Belicheck loves Florida players amd this is the best interior O-linemen in the draft. This makes the loss of Logan Mankins easier.
29. Chicago---Gabe Carimi---OT---Wisconsin---The Bears have a serious lack of talent on the O-line and this would be a huge improvement.
30. New York Jets---Jabaal Sheard---3-4OLB---Pittsburgh---Should make that defense all the uglier.
31. Green Bay---Ryan Williams---RB---Virginia Tech---Dump Ryan Grant and Brandon Jackson. The combo of Ryan Williams and James Starks at RB would make GB's offense evil.
32. Pittsburgh---Allen Bailey---3-4DE---Miami---always someone for their 3-4.

Round 2

Carolina---Leonard Hankerson---WR---Miami---a WR unit seriously thin on talent.
34. Denver---Jimmy Smith---CB---Colorado---this, with Fairley should improve the Bronco D alot.
35. Buffalo---DeMarcus Love---OT---Arkansas---They follow the recipe the Rams used last year.(Qb in 1st, best OT avail in 2nd)
36. Cincinnatti--- Ahmad Black---Safety---Florida---Bob Sanders size and Bob Sanders ball skills---Indy may take him at 22.
37. Arizona---Rodney Hudson---C/OG---FSU---A bit small, but serious talent.
38. Cleveland---Drake Nevis---4-3DT or 3-4DE---LSU---So the browns get a #1 WR in this draft along w/ a startable D-lineman, not bad.
39. San Francisco---Ras I Dowling---CB---Virginia---Even though I don't like it, San Fran just acquired their 2 needs to get back to the top of the NFC west.
40. Tennessee---Rahim Moore---FS---UCLA
41. Dallas---Ryan Mallett---QB---Arkansas---A future #1 QB following their improvement of the o-line, makes Dallas's future look bright.
42. Philadelphia from Washington(McNabb trade)---Bruce Carter---4-3OLB--- had surgery on MCL in December.
43. Houston---Marvin Austin---3-4DE---N.Carolina---top 10 talent, but suspension makes him slide some.
44. Minnesota---Deunta Williams---Safety---N.Carolina---How good would of NC been last year if all these kids had stayed out of trouble?
45. Detroit---Aaron Williams---CB---Texas---So Detroit improves the secondary and gets someone to keep their QB healthy. Watch Out.
46-47. St. Louis & Miami---both need a RB,

here's a few still available:
Demarco Murray---RB---Oklahoma---was banged up towards the end of 2010, and unable to show his best stuff. He's a serious all around talent and great heir apparent to SJ39.
JacQuizz Rodgers---RB/KR/PR---Oregon State---This is a clone of Darren Sproles. Small guy thats built like a sparkplug that loves running between the tackles, but also has speed and experience returning kicks. This would be an ideal pick for the Rams. SJ39 starts with this guy coming in to be a change of pace and also a usefull returner that would allow Amendola to focus on WR.
Shane Vereen---RB---California---Could develop into a star in the NFL.
John Clay---RB---Wisconsin---Big bruising back, but had alot of carries. Doesn't offer much as a special teamer during rookie season.Not my preference.

St. Louis later picks:
Round 3: 
1. Keith Williams---RG---Nebraska---6'4" 320+ Mauler. Startable immediately, may be rough for 1st half of season until he gets acclimated.(rated 3rd-6th Round)
2. Orlando Franklin---LG/RT---Miami---6'7" Perceived lack of strength gets him sliding down.(Rated as a late 1st to a 3rd round pick.)
3. Kris O'Dowd---C/LG---USC---6'5"300 College center projects to LG. 

Round 4:
1. Jaiquawn Jarrett---SS---Temple---Thumper.(Rated 2nd to 4th Round)
2. Dejon Gomes---SS--Nebraska---Played nearly every secondary position for Nebraska. Great nose for the ball.

Round 5:
1. Muhammad Wilkerson---DT---Temple---could easily go in the second round.
2. Mike Blanc---DT---Auburn---developmental DT
3. Sam Acho---4-3DE or 3-4OLB---Texas---Small DE. Could become a great pass rusher if given a bit of time to develop.
4. Pierre Allen---DE---Nebraska---Big DE. Talented, but disappears at times. May be a good project for Spags/Flajole

Round 6:
1. Mike McNeill---Receiving TE---Nebraska---Due to a lack of roster talent at WR and a lot of depth at TE, McNeill played WR last season, ideally he's a receiving TE. Which is what STL could use.(Doubtfull he makes it past the 5th round)
2. Rob Houser---Receiving TE---Flordia Atlantic---Decent TE speed, good hands, could be a steal in the late rounds.
3. Greg Smith---TE---Texas---Never utilized much in college due to the spread being TX style. He's a decent blocker and decent short area receiver. He'd provide depth.

Round 7:
WR---Kamar Aikan---Central Florida---Good size but slow. Has Great hands and runs crisp routes. Will play for someone.
WR---David Gibreath---Wisconsin---special teamer, KR/PR
RB--- DaRel Scott---Maryland---Good straight line speed, good size, can return kicks.
Athlete---Jeremy Masoli---Oregon---Oregons starting QB prior to 2010, got in trouble and kicked off team. Could be a Kordell Stewart/ Brad Smith sort of player that can run, catch, throw, and return kicks. Poor character, but low cost of 7th rounder.
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