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My hometown; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 I have been reading derogatory comments about Pittsburgh off and on since I have been on this site and have come to realize that people here know very little about my town. For the record I have enjoyed most cities in this great nation of ours and I really feel that the mid to large cities on this country are America and to hate them is to hate this nation. The facts are people judge these places and haven’t even been to most of them or if they have it wasn't very long at all. That being said I do believe Pittsburgh is a stand out, so if you care, here is what it special about my hometown.

Colleges and Universities:
 There are 8 colleges and Universities inside the city limits of
Pittsburgh (and another 2 dozen within an hours drive). Included in Pittsburgh's Universities are two of the top academic schools in the nation in Duquesne and Carnegie Mellon, and one of the top 10 medical schools in the nation at the University of Pittsburgh.

Hospitals and Medicine :
 The UPMC Hospital system was ranked 13th in the nation last year as a hospital and 5th as a hospital system, it's Children's Hospital is also one of the best in the nation and ranked in the top 20 in almost every specialty category. UPMC Presbyterian was one of the first to do organ transplants and has remained a world leader in the field to this day.

Pittsburgh has another hospital system as well, known as West Penn-Allegheny and in 2006 they became the first hospital in Western Pennsylvania to receive prestigious Magnet recognition status from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Magnet status recognizes excellence in nursing and quality patient care and has been achieved by only 4 percent of all healthcare facilities in the U.S.  In 2009, Allegheny General ranked among the top 10 percent of U.S. medical centers for the treatment of stroke, according to HealthGrades, a leading independent healthcare ratings organization. The hospital has also been designated as a Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission and was named a Stroke Center of Excellence by NeuStrategy, a Chicago-based healthcare think tank. More than 1,000 stroke patients are admitted to AGH annually.

Pittsburgh Renaissance :
 In the late 1970's it started to become apparent that the steel mills weren't going to be there forever, this became most evident when local mills laid off an estimated 153,000 people in 1981 and 1982. The collapse of the US Steel industry during the 80's left around 400,000 people with out jobs between the mills and the companies who lived off the mills. But
Pittsburgh survived by doing something that has very rarely been pulled off, they transformed the base of the economy and job market into medicine, higher education, advanced technology and the service industry and it worked very well. Many people will tell you that there has been a terrible decline in population in the past few decades and while this is partly true the county and "tri state area" populations have actually stayed about the same and seen some small growth since the 90's. This transformation was said to be the reason the city was picked to host the G20 Summit in 2009.

"Culture" (Museums, music, theatre etc.) :
Pittsburgh is home to dozens of museums the most notably being The Andy Warhol Museum, The Carnegie Museum of Art and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, all three of which are world renowned. The Pittsburgh Carnegie Science center is host to an OmniMax theatre and one of the world's best planetariums.

Pittsburgh's Orchestra Company and Symphony Orchestra are two world class companies and PSO travels the world playing in dozens of different countries.

Pittsburgh is host to about twenty play houses and theatres all of which have national talent playing on a pretty regular basis and plenty of local talent on a daily basis.

You want to eat and drink? Pittsburgh has four large bar/restaurant districts (Southside, Strip District, North Shore and Oakland) ruled primarily by college age people, dozens of small neighborhood strips of them in places like Shadyside and Squirrel Hill and of course there is the 9 corporate stamped mall/shopping centers in the area as well. In the last ten years though great micro brew and wine lists have shown up all over the city and (probably a result of the 5 culinary programs in the city) the food has gotten much better in that time period as well.

Background, surroundings:
 It's just a cool looking place, great sky line, lots of bridges, the three rivers meeting close to the center of the city. There is about as much green as you will ever see in an urban environment, lots of undisturbed tree covered rolling hills and plenty of parks all over the city. The inclines, the trolleys driving on the streets, the occasion glimpse of an old cobblestone road, its a unique place.

I don't think this city or any place like it is insignificant, they have made their contribution to this nation all throughout history and continue to do so today. And you can find pretty much whatever you’re looking for in
Pittsburgh, unless it's a beach.

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Least Successful North American Pro Sports Teams

Least Successful North American Pro Sports Teams

NFL -  Saints    (42 seasons) .411 winning%, 6 playoff years, 0 titles
NBA - Clippers  (39 seasons) .362 winning% 7 playoff years, 0 titles
NHL - Coyotes -Jets (29 seasons) .467 win% 16 playoff years, 0 division, conference or league titles
MLB - Nationals -Expos (41 years) .476 win% 1 playoff year, 0 pennants
MLB - Rangers -Senators (49 yrs.) .469 win% 3 playoff years, 0 pennants, 0 LCS appearences

When you look at it from here that .362 winning percentage sticks out like a sore thumb. I would have to say at this time the L.A. Clippers are the worst team of all time. They do have 6 more playoff appearences than the Expos/Nationals, but it is much harder to get into the post season in baseball, especially 20-40 years ago.

NFL Runners Up:
Texans       (7 seasons) .357 winning%, 0 playoffs
Buccaneers (33 seasons) .398 winning%, 10 playoff years, 1 championship
Falcons      (43 seasons) .411 winning%, 9 playoff years, 1 conference championship

The only reason I included a team with a ring is because of that low winning percentage, was surprised to see it is still so low. I also assumed we would cut the Texans a break since they are so young, but they deserved to be noted here.

NBA Runner Up:
Grizzlies (14 seasons) .326 winning%, 3 playoff years, 0 titles

NHL Runners Up:
Kings (41 years) .472 winning%, 23 playoff years, 1 conference and division title
Thrashers (9 years) .436 winning%, 1 playoff year, 1 division title

The thing about the NHL playoff seasons is that the NHL for years sent more than half of its teams to the playoffs. These days it is about the same % as the NBA, but in the early 80's for instance (when the Kings and Jets were playing) 16 of 21 teams went to the playoffs.

MLB Runner Up:
Brewers -Pilots (41 seasons) .474 winning%, 3 playoff years, 1 World Series loss

Here are some answers to the comments below.

Yep the Lions had a good run in the 50's and they had a decent run in the 90's. They went to the playoffs six times in the 90's, the Saints have only been there 6 times in their entire history. 

 I did consider the Lions but as far as "ALL Time" they arent the worst, the Cardinals were closer to the list.

Lions (79 seasons) .462 win%, 14 playoff years, 4 championships
Cardinals (89 years) .413 win%, 7 playoff years, 2 championships + 1 conference champ

The Cubs haven't won a World Series in a hundred years but they do have a .514 winning percentage all time and have been to the playoffs 6 times in the last 25 years, that is much better than the Rangers/Senators and Expos/Nationals.

The confusion about the Senators is because there were two different Washington Senator organizations, the first one became the Twins in 1960, the second one became the Rangers in 1972.

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Best Steelers 1985 - Present

So the other day I realized this will be the 25<sup>th</sup> season I have followed the Steelers and the NFL. I started to reminisce about the players over the years and it made me want to make a quarter century team. So here is my best Steelers roster of players from the last 25 years.


QB – Ben Roethlisberger – two SB rings make it an easy pick for the starting QB

QB – Neil O’Donnell – Slightly above average starting QB in his prime, SB XXX aside

QB – Kordell Stewart – It was between him, Bubby Brister or Mark Malone.  Can be Slash if he is #3


RB – Jerome Bettis – One of the all time greats, easy pick here.

RB – Willie Parker – 2 Super Bowls, three very solid seasons as a starter, 2 Pro Bowl selections

RB – Barry Foster – I will give him third because for about a season and a half he was amazing and there isn’t much else to pick from.


FB – Merrill Hoge – 3,000 yds rushing, 34 TDs, 240 catches and a good blocker to boot.

FB - Dan Kreider – bruising blocker, it was between him, Jon Witman or Tim Lester


WR – Hines Ward – Hall of Famer, 800 catches, best blocking WR in the league

WR – John Stallworth – He only played three years in this period but it is enough.

WR – Louis Lipps – Was the best player on a bad offense in his prime. 84 ROTY, great punt returner his first two years.

WR – Yancey Thigpen – 226 catches as a Steeler, was great in 95 and 97 his only two healthy years as a starter.

WR – Plaxico Burress – 261 catches and 22 TDs in 5 years, clearly better than anyone else left


TE - Heath Miller – 168 catches 21 TDs in 4 years, 2 SB rings, good blocker

TE – Eric Green – 198 catches 24 TDs in 5 years, was a problem player though and they don’t last in Pittsburgh long.

TE – Mark Bruener – 137 catches 16 TDs and a great blocker for 9 years. (bet ya didn’t know he is still playing!)


OT - Tunch Ilkin – Best Steeler tackle of the 80’s 2 time pro bowler

OT – John Jackson – Best Steeler tackle of the 90’s, 0 pro bowls because of HOF tackles in the AFC at the time.

OT – Max Starks – I was going to put Marvel Smith here but who is the only Steeler offensive lineman to start two SBs in the last 30 years? Max Starks is.


OG – Alan Faneca – Easy pick, future HOFer

OG – Duval Love – an under appreciated guard from the mid 90’s, very solid player

OG Carlton Hasslrig – Great player for 2 years then went nuts, still having trouble to this day I hear.


C – Dermontti Dawson – “Dirt” should be in the hall, 7 time pro bowler

C – Mike Webster – played 4 years in this period went to three pro bowls, may he rest in peace.


XOL – Jeff Hartings – Was a three time pro bowler as a Steeler center, won a ring in ‘05



DE – Aaron Smith – A great player when you look at the whole body of work, the only Steeler DE to go to a pro bowl since L.C. Greenwood.

DE- Brett Keisel – This pair we have right now is as good as we have had in a long time.

DE - Ray Seals – Arguably the best pass rusher the Steelers have had at DE since they switched to a 3-4 in the 80’s. 15.5 sacks in 2 years.

DE – Gerald Williams – played DE and NT but was better as an end. 24.5 sacks in 9 years


NT – Casey Hampton – He is a load in the middle, a lot of our success goes through him.

NT – Joel Steed – Was exactly what Hampton is now, a load, he was a key in run to SB XXX.

NT – Gary Dunn – Spent his last 3 years in this period, was a good gritty player, long forgotten.


OLB – Greg Lloyd – top 3 LB in football for about a 6 year period, all around talent.

OLB – Joey Porter – good pass rusher, big part of SB XL

OLB – James Harrison – his selection as DPOTY, 2 team MVPs, and 2 SB rings got him on this list.

OLB – Jason Gildon – one of our all time sack leaders.

OLB – Kevin Greene – Still had my 53 rd spot open and it just feels good to add the beast to the team, had a great three years here.


ILB – Levon Kirkland – Amazing skill for a LB in a DT body, 2 time pro bowler

ILB – James Farrior – great energy and leadership, 2 SB rings

ILB – David Little – 12 year vet started most of that time, went to pro bowl in 1990, passed away in 05.

ILB – Hardy Nickerson – one of the Buccaneers all time greats was the first major loss for the Steelers in the new free agent era.


CB – Rod Woodson – Going into the Hall this year and deservedly so, first ballot.

CB – Dwayne Woodruff – good player for a decade, his leadership for young Woodson and Lake might be biggest contribution though.

CB – Ike Taylor – terribly under rated by his own fans Taylor has been a solid piece of two championship defenses now.

CB – Chad Scott – was also better than we thought, we got his best years out of him though.

CB - Deshea Townsend – Edges out D. Washington and W. Williams by long tenure and two rings.

S – Troy Polamalu – We are getting to see one of the best of all time right now, enjoy.

S – Carnell Lake – the Steelers had a great defense through most of the 90’s Lake was a big piece of that. 4 time pro bowler.

S – Darren Perry – Underrated player, 32 Ints in 7 years, 7<sup>th</sup> in Steelers history, 1994 All Pro

S – Donnie Shell – He only played 3 years in this period but it is enough to get him on the roster. One of the all time great safeties.

S- Ryan Clark – very good player just edges out Brent Alexander, Chris Hope and Lee Flowers.


K – Jeff Reed – with all due respect to Gary Anderson and even Norm Johnson, Reed’s got two rings and made big kicks when they needed him to. He has also been very accurate in the hardest venue to kick in the NFL.


P- Josh Miller – was a great punter in his prime, got a ring with the Pats.


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My official Super Bowl XLIII prediction

It seems to me that the run game is the forgotten key to this game. I expect the <span style="color: #618bb5;">Cardinals to be absolutely shut down in the run game and the <span style="color: #618bb5;">Steelers to dominate with <span style="color: #276098;">Willie Parker. Parker has been healthy down the stretch and running very well. Baltimore held him down pretty well but there are only two defenses like that in football and the other one wears Black and Gold (no not the <span style="color: #618bb5;">Saints!), the Cardinals will not stop them. I expect Pittsburgh to out rush Arizona by more than 100 yards, thus even if Fitzgerald or Boldin go off the Steelers still win something like 31-17. Here is a nice stat line for the game:

<span style="color: #276098;">Ben Roethlisberger 17-26 204 yds 1 TD 0 INT

Willie Parker 26 carries 142 yds 2 TDs

<span style="color: #276098;">Hines Ward 5 rec 62 yds 1 TD

<span style="color: #276098;">Kurt Warner 24-42 285 yards 2 TD 2 INT sacked 5 times

Edgerrin James 11 carries 27 yards

<span style="color: #276098;">Larry Fitzgerald 9 rec 134 yards 1 TD

Steelers 31 Cardinals 17

MVP Willie Parker

Everyone keeps talking about Larry Fitzgerald being the key to this game. I think he will have a good game, I have no fantasy that the Steelers can shut down top wide outs for the full game, I mean they can, they have done it before but the rules are set up for defenses to lose this match up. But the fact is if you control the run game on both sides of the ball a WR can't win you a game. That is the Steelers philosophy and has been since about 1969. If you go back to pass over 40 times a game verse this team you will get yourself two (maybe three on your best day) TDs a game but you will also give up 5-10 combined turn overs and sacks and if you can't run the ball to counter act that, you will lose the game.

here are the Steelers this season verse the leagues best WRs (or atleast the best they have played against)

Week 1 <span style="color: #276098;">Andre Johnson 11 rec 112 ydds 0 TD Steelers 38 <span style="color: #618bb5;">Texans 17

Week 2 <span style="color: #276098;">Braylon edwards 3 rec 32 yds 0 TD Steelers 10 <span style="color: #618bb5;">Browns 6

Week 7 <span style="color: #276098;">Chad Johnson 8 rec 52 yds 1 TD, TJ Houshmandzadeh 8 rec 58 yds 0 TD Steelers 38 <span style="color: #618bb5;">bengals 10

Week 9 <span style="color: #276098;">Santana Moss 2 rec 14 yards 0 TD Steelers 23 <span style="color: #618bb5;">Redskins 6

Week 10 Reggie Wayne<span style="color: #276098;"> 6 rec 114 1 TD Steelers 20 Colts<span style="color: #618bb5;"> 24 (the Steelers only manage 55 yards rushing)

Week 12 TJ Houshmandzadeh 4 rec 20 yds Steelers 27 Bengals 10

Week 13 Randy Moss 4 rec 45 yds Wes Welker<span style="color: #276098;"> 4 rec 30 yds Steelers 33 Patriots<span style="color: #618bb5;"> 10

Week 14 T Owens 3 rec 32 yards 1 TD Steelers 20 Cowboys<span style="color: #618bb5;"> 13

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How sweet it is when your team goes all the way.

  I am a life time Steelers fan and I am very excited tonight. I started really watching football when I was 9 in 1985, the Steelers stunk at that time. I remember watching them lose 51-0 in the mud verse the Browns in the late 80's, I remember all those championship game losses in the 90's and of course the Neil Odonnell Super Bowl verse the Cowboys. The SB XL win was excellent but I have to admit that all the crap that was said about the officiating took a little of the luster off of it. But this year, this will validate it. Two Super Bowl appearences in 4 years, this is a team with a Championship defense and a Championship QB. Another SB will help build Hall Of Fame resumes for some of these Steelers. Hines Ward getting closer all the time to being a lock for the hall, now Roethlisberger and Polamalu have good chances at getting there if they continue to be healthy. It will be an exciting couple of weeks here in Pittsburgh, black and gold will be covering every window and billboard this week.

There are a ton of interesting Pittsburgh-Cardinal connections.

Ken Whisenhunt - HC - Former offensive coordinator

Russ Grimm - Offensive Line Coack/AHC - Same with Steelers

Teryl Austin - DB Coach - Born near Pittsburgh, played at Pitt

John Lott - Strength and conditioning coach - Played for the Steelers in 1987

Mike Miller - WR coach - Born in Pittsburgh, Steelers Assistant 99-03, Robert Morris assistant 97-99

Matt Raich - Defensive Assistant - born near Pittsburgh, former assistant with Steelers and at Robert Morris

Kevin Spencer - ST Coach - Steelers ST Coach 02-06

Brian St. Pierre - QB- Former Steeler

Sean Morey - WR - Former Steeler

Jerame Tuman - TE- Former Steeler

Clark Haggans - LB - Former Steeler

Larry Fitzgerald - WR - Former Pitt player

Gerald Hayes - LB - Former Pitt player

The Cardinals and Steelers once joined forces for a season in the 40's during WWII, they were known as the Pitt-Cards.



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Tony Dungy, we'll see ya in Canton.

In the last two years we have seen some real coaching legends go into retirement or on vacation, some on their own some asked to go by the franchises they led. Bill Parcels, Mike Holmgreen, Bill Cowher, Marty Shottenheimer, Mike Shanahan and now one of the best of them all Tony Dungy. Most of the media has said he is a sure thing hall of famer but alas the community members on CBS seem to disagree. Surprised? Not me, we tend to be very negative on this board. But since there is a debate, I thought I would give my case in favor of Tony Dungy.

I have gathered the stats of the current 21 head coaches that are in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame to show how Dungy stacks up.

Argument against Dungy: His .474 post season winning percentage is not hall of fame worthy!

Actually his 9-10 post season record is 16th out of the 22 coaches, there are only 9 coaches in the hall of fame that have won 60% of their post season games or better.

Argument against Dungy: He only won 1 Championship!

While I am sure you can say he could have won more there are 3 coaches in the hall who have no Championships at all and 2 who only have 1. 13 of the 21 coaches in the hall of fame have 2 championships or less.

Argument against Dungy: Anyone could have went to the playoffs 10 straight years with Peyton Manning!

Well first off the first 3 years of that streak were in Tampa bay who were a laughing stock before Dungy got there, secondly more than half of the coaches in the hall had a Hall of Fame QB on their team, but Tony Dungy has a better regular season winning percentage than all but 8 of them and out of that 8, five of them coached less games.


There really isn't any other arguments against him except I hear people on here say he is only going in because he was black. Which is evident by the fact that there isn't another black coach in the hall of fame! People love playing the race game here but with Dungy it has no place.

There are other factors into the greatness of Tony Dungy. Like the fact that dozens of players will tell you they are better men because they were coached by Tony Dungy, that on a lot of ways is more rewarding than the Super Bowl ring I am sure.

Another way we like to grade coaches in this era is by their coaching trees, A coaching tree is a list of coaches who became head coaches after spending time under a particular coaches tutelage. Tony Dungy has an impressive one here it is:

Lovie Smith Bears HC

Mike Tomlin Steeler HC

Herm Edwards Former Jets/Cheifs HC

Rod Marinelli Former Lions HC

Jim Caldwell Colts HC

Mike Shula Former Alabama HC

Leslie Frazier Vikings DC/ Probably future HC


After taking all things into consideration the 10 staright playoff births, the Tampa Bay turn around, the SB win, the coaching tree and the regular season record this is a no brainer; Tony Dungy = Hall Of Famer. By the way just another member of those 1970's Steelers to make the Hall.


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Fantasy Football RB Rankings

Ok so to continue my early fantasy football ratings for the draft, today is runningbacks. I think the top 5 are head and shoulders above the rest, I think picks 6-12 in most drafts could see more QB's and maybe even a wr or 2. So here ya go:

  1. L.T. (there isnt much question anymore, a few will take Peterson first but not most)
  2. Adrian Peterson (have never seen a guy burst onto the scene like that, Bo Jackson was the closest)
  3. Brian Westbrook (solidified himself among the leagues elite last year, still a recieving threat and a runner now)
  4. Josef Addai (he's talented, but whoever gets touches in that offense is valueable)
  5. Steven Jackson (didnt have a line last year and ended up injured, he produced when he was healthy though)
  6. Larry Johnson (good back on a bad offense, I can't see him being any higher or lower, he is clearly number 6)
  7. Willie Parker (injury was scary, who else do you take here?)
  8. Willis McGahee (lone bright spot in a woeful offense, losing Ogden this year)
  9. Clinton Portis (he would be number 7 if health wasnt always in question)
  10. Marion Barber (will move into 6th or 7th if he signs and Jones goes)
  11. Ryan Grant (one of the breakout stars of 07, I look for him to continue to play well and get the ball)
  12. Frank Gore (had an off year, mainly because of a bad offense and some minor injuries)
  13. Marshawn Lynch (looked good last year, the Bills will be looking for bigger numbers this year)
  14. Jamal Lewis (great comeback in 07, I think he returns to the Browns and picks up where he left off)
  15. Reggie Bush (dissappointing 07 in some ways, he still gets enough touches to be a good fantasy choice)
  16. Ronnie Brown (looked like he was stepping into the elite last year when he went down to an injury)
  17. Brandon Jacobs (big bruiser would be higher if Bradshaw wasnt stealing touches)
  18. Shaun Alexander (make or break year for one of the best of the decade)
  19. Laurence Maroney (looked good at the end of the year, if he stays healthy he will produce)
  20. Earnest Graham (stepped in nicely just when the Bucs needed it, may lose some touches but worth a look)
  21. Lendell White (could be a breakout year for White, outrushed Bush last year hmmm)
  22. Travis Henry (Shannahan says Young cant carry the load, doesnt mean Henry gets 20 a game though)
  23. Edgerrin James (he was still egtting the touches last year, could change but probably not immediately)
  24. Thomas Jones (dissappointing 07, could bounce back this year)
  25. Fred Taylor (I was getting ready to count Fred out, he proved you must acknowledge him, he is a top 3rd back)
  26. Kevin Jones (Jones is glad to see Martz leave, lets see if his body can handle 300 carries)
  27. Maurice Jones Drew (taylor still gets the carries but Drew plays enough to count)
  28. Michael Turner (dont know where he ends up yet but he will be drafted)
  29. DeAngelo Williams (with the news of Foster leaving, Williams gets a chance to carry the load)
  30. Cedric Benson (has bust written all over him, last chance Cedric)
  31. Justin Fargas (just resigned, had a great second half)
  32. Kenny Watson (he ended up being the guy in Cincy, is Johnson done?)
  33. Jerious Norwood (most expect him to see more carries in 08, he is explosive)
  34. Chester Taylor (will anyone offer enough to pry him away? he gets touches either way and is a must own if u get AP)
  35. Rudi Johnson (once a fantasy stud, does he bounce back? is it in Cincy?)
  36. Cadillac Williams(seems like he may miss beginning of 08, coming to a crossroads)
  37. Deuce McCallister (see Cadillac)
  38. Maurice Morris (if you draft Alexander, get Morris)
  39. Ahmed Bradshaw (up and coming in the post season, he is a sleeper that could be something)
  40. Sammy Morris (had two really good games then went down for the season, Belichek likes him alot)
  41. Ladell Betts (didnt do much in 07 but if Portis goes down he is a stud)
  42. Julius Jones (a lot of questions surround his off season)
  43. Warrick Dunn (still worth a look but could see signifigant loss of playing time)
  44. Jesse Chatman (played decent for Brown when he was down, then got hurt himself)
  45. Selvin Young (see Travis Henry)
  46. Leon Washington (great third down and change of pace back, is worth paying attention to)
  47. Chris Henry (Ten) (with Chris Brown probably gone, he will try to steal some time from White)
  48. Marcell Shipp (his only value is the age of Edgerrin James)
  49. Najeh Davenport (gets a few TDs and provides rest and insurance for Willie Parker)
  50. Kevin Faulk (showed some things in the playoffs we hadnt seen before)


So what ya think?

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Fantasy QB Ratings

Ok so this is very early but I thought I would have some fun and show my early 2008 Fantasy Draft rankings. After the NFL draft and free agency i will run the polls I did last year to get your input on this. I will start with the QB's:

  1. Tom Brady (if he loses Moss he is still number one he might just fall to the end of the first round)
  2. Peyton Manning (WR corps could be better than ever if Harrison is healthy considering Anthony Gonzalez)
  3. Tony Romo (was big time till about week 15, ceiling is too high to let him pass)
  4. Carson Palmer (too much talent both inside him and around him, he could break out for 40 and 4,000)
  5. Drew Brees (proved he is among the elite after an early season sputter, the defense is what kept them down)
  6. Brett Favre (the old man soared back to the head of the class last season)
  7. Ben Roethlisberger (most TDs ever by a Steeler QB last season, look for similar numbers again)
  8. Matt Hasselbeck (old reliable, you get good production year in and year out from him)
  9. Eli Manning (climbed into the top ten from week 15 on)
  10. Derek Anderson (would be a steal here if he can match 07 numbers)
  11. Donovan McNabb (his health knocks him down, his talent doesnt let him drop too far though)
  12. Marc Bulger (that offense was torn to shreds by injuries in 07, I expect a return to grace for Bulger in 08)
  13. David Garard (very accurate passer with some running ability too, could be a star in this league)
  14. Jay Cutler (started to show some of that potential we have been looking for, much is expected from him in 08)
  15. Philip Rivers (now he has the WRs to go with the rest of the package, its up to him to shine now)
  16. Vince Young (no comment till they get him some recievers)
  17. Matt Schaub (if he stays healthy look for him to use the most under rated weapon in America, Andre Johnson)
  18. Jason Campbell (shows all the signs of a good one, lets see if he can string a whole season together now)
  19. John Kitna (opffense getting back to balanced in 08, would expect huge numbers again)
  20. Jeff Garcia (steady and reliable, he will service as a low end back up in fantasy)
  21. Matt Leinart (potential, potential, potential, the weapons are there, is Leinart the guy to get it done?)
  22. Jake Delhome (if healthy he can get it into the hands of Steve Smith, that keeps him relevant)
  23. Tarvaris Jackson (started to come on at the end of 07, worth a flier)
  24. Trent Edwards (looked good for a rookie this year, can he get it deep to Evans?, its worth a late pick)
  25. Kellen Clemens (looks like a QB, big and strong, lets see if he can win like one)
  26. J'Marcus Russell (hmmmm, we'll see)
  27. Steve McNair (was disappointing to watch him last year, he may bounce back, but its unlikely)
  28. Kurt Warner (plays well enough for a roster spot when Leinart isnt in there)
  29. Alex Smith (last chance Alex, whats it gonna be?)
  30. Brody Croyle (ummm didnt really see the potential, Edwards says he does though, Bowe is a nice new weapon)


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