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Posted on: October 11, 2008 10:23 am

does everyone love the Hoff?

of course we all love david hasselhoff and his light up jacket on the Berlin wall and of course his cameo in Spongebob Squarepants the Movie.  but i am talking about micah hoffpauir, Cubs minor league player of the year.

the Hoff that we are talking about has created a name for himself as a possible starter on next years squad for many fans who are tired of Derrek Lee's double play debacles.  So is Hoff the answer?

no thanks, says this cubs fan.

derrek lee may be on the downside of a solid career but still provides ample offense and above average defense.  Does a contending team make a move like this?  No, they do not.  this would be a move made by a struggling team looking to get cheap.  Not a team looking for its first world series in what has now been a drought of over a century.

Hoff is appealing and could provide power from the left side of the plate but........  his defensive ability will hinder him from being a regular in a tricky right field at wrigley.  He is also not a better replacement to three time gold glover derrek lee.  so the question rises.  What do the Cubs do with the Hoff.

I say for the sake of the player and the sake of the team they should trade him.   He is not a spring chicken by any means.  He will be 29 when next season starts.  Could the Hoff bring in a top player to help this team? 

not by himself.  but as a part of a package he could be useful in bringing in a solid player like Brian Roberts or even (in my dreams) Ichiro Suzuki.  But he could also hold merit in being traded for a quality relief pitcher (which we know is always a need of every team).

we all love the Hoff but lets think about our 09 title run and what the needs really are.

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