Posted on: February 9, 2008 11:40 am

Does it Really Matter?

Now I am a huge Clemens fan and I dont know if he did steroids or HGH but I will tell you that they named 80 players in the Mitchell Repport from four teams. FOUR teams, are you kidding me. So what they are saying essentially is that there was 20 guys per team using steroids/HGH. So at the end of the day there was over 500 players using in the MLB. If this is the case we really dont know who did them and who didnt, so lets throw everyones stats out the window from the late 80's to the early 2000's. I can tell you that I personally know guys that are not on this list. Shouldnt Congress be worried about the many other problems we have with our country. MLB didnt want the drug testing in place and now these guys that made MLB billions of dollars are getting ripped. What happens to Bud Selig? He gets another term as commissioner. Are you kidding me? How is that justified. Players get in trouble but the boss walks away with a tongue lashing from Congress. Lets just think about all those 6'6" 300 lb lineman that are running like they do in the NFL. Maybe Congress should call the NFL and find out why the banned drug list is 30 and the banned drug list in baseball is 60. Does this make sense to anyone else? Roger belongs in the Hall!
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