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Week 3: Ben's Top 10

Ben’s Top 10: Week 3 


1.      [up 3]              Pittsburg (3-0): Steelers look better than ever and let’s not forget they have been winning with three back-up quarterbacks. Ben Roethlisberger comes back week six and worst case scenario the Steelers are 3-1 (loss to Baltimore week four; bye week five) playing Cleveland when he returns to action.

2.      [up 4]              Atlanta (2-1): Dethroning the defending champion Saints is a huge deal and I look for Matt Ryan and his team to continue to roll.

3.      [up 2]              Indianapolis (2-1): Peyton Manning and the Colts looked impressive traveling to Denver and departing with a victory.

4.      [down 3]         New Orleans (2-1): With a decent kicker the Saints are 3-0. They need to be more efficient on offense by establishing a run game.  

5.      [up 3]              Chicago (3-0): Chicago seems to be rolling, but the team is barely winning games and I do not know how much longer they can keep this up. A win over the Packers is HUGE and the Bears need to continue their success this week at the inconsistent New York Giants.  

6.      [up 5]              Baltimore (2-1): Joe Flacco is consistently inconsistent but when he is on he is indomitable. Look for the Ravens to flourish once Ray Rice realizes he is unsuccessful when he dances behind the line of scrimmage. 

7.      [up 5]              New England (2-1): The Patriots pass game looks superb but the defense needs to establish an identity and a run game is eminent to their continued success.

8.      [down 1]         New York Jets (2-1): An impressive road victory over Miami proved that the Jets are a very talented unconventional team. Mark Sanchez is beginning to figure the whole “quarterback thing” out and when he does it could be potentially lethal.

9.      [up 6]              Kansas City (3-0): I commend the Chiefs for the 3-0 start but a bye week this week and then on the road against Indianapolis and Houston is a real test for the unproven undefeated Chiefs.

10.  [down 7]         Green Bay (2-1): This team will be extremely effective if they can overcome the loss of Ryan Grant and figure out their special teams play.  

11.  Best of the Rest: Philadelphia(2-1), Houston(2-1), Tennessee(2-1), Miami(2-1), Seattle(2-1),  Cincinnati(2-1) 

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Week 2: Ben's Top 10

                                                                            Ben’s Top 10

1.      New Orleans (1-0): Look for the Saints to come up big on the offensive and defensive side of the ball tonight against the lowly 49ers.

2.      Houston (2-0): This offense is scary talented and showed me they could come up with a win on the road. With Matt Schaub, Kevin Walters, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster all putting up big numbers it seems difficult to stop the balanced Texan’s attack.

3.      Green Bay (2-0): I am not sure if anyone can stop Aaron Rodgers? The guy runs too! Big Matchup between 2-0 rival Chicago Monday night.

4.      Pittsburg (2-0): Just wait until this team finds an offensive attack.

5.      Indianapolis (1-1): Showed that they could run the ball after the humiliating ground effort against Houston.

6.      Atlanta (1-1): Matt Ryan looked comfortable as ever and no name Jason Snelling stole the show running all over the Arizona defense. They will be majorly tested this Sunday against a short week Saints team.

7.      New York Jets (1-1): Mark Sanchez showed up big for the falling Jets and propelled his team past the consistency of New England.

8.      Chicago (2-0): Jay Cutler continues to thrive in the Martz system and think; he was without Devin Aromashodu and an offensive line yesterday and still was able to make big plays down the field. Good adjustments made all around and this team is starting to look like a playoff contender. But we’ll see how they play this Monday against a very good Green Bay team.

9.      Miami (2-0): Chad Henne is managing games, the two-headed monsters of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are attacking the line of scrimmage and the Miami Dolphins are rolling. Turnovers were the key to their success yesterday and if they can keep their ball security out of the question we could be looking at a very good team here.

10.  Cincinnati (1-1): After a two touchdown deficit at the hands of the Patriots, Cincinnati bounced back well by outplaying Joe Flacco. The defense looked great yesterday and the offense looked great last week. Let’s see if they can put both of these together.  

Best of the rest: Baltimore (1-1), New England (1-1), Washington (1-1), Tampa Bay (2-0), Kansas City (2-0)

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