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Posted on: May 25, 2008 7:06 pm

The rocket has been launched

Not too shabby for a major league debut, not exactly Max Scherzer like but also take into consideration Max didn't start the game.

So far, the Clayton Kershaw experiment has to be considered a complete success. Tonight's final numbers:

6 IP 5H 1BB 7K 2ER 101PC

If it was not for a coughed up lead, it would of looked prettier but it could of also have been worse.

One thing you'll notice with Kershaw as he continues to work with Rick Honeycutt (as much as possible hopefully), is that he'll have to be proactive with his curve rather than reactive. When watching him get into counts it's obvious major league hitters have a lot easier time picking up the curve than at AA ball, thus you get an Albert Pujols situation with a run scoring double (should of been held to 3rd if not for Juan Pierre's terrible defense), but perhaps worse than that you get a lot of fouled off pitches, which means you get taken further into the count than need be and you have to be pulled out of the game sooner.

Not what you want when you're already on a 175-180IP max cap for the rest of the season. Maybe a minor tweak in the delivery could help hide the ball if not anything more than a nanosecond longer, thus making the ball harder to pick up, and forcing the hitter to adjust his timing. Just my thoughts anyway.

All in all, congratulations to Clayton on a successful first try, and props on the cute girlfriend, she's not Mike Piazza good but hey, it's a start.
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